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Chapter 67 : The Mighty Heart.

Struggle in our hearts.

“So I heard you have a boyfriend now?” buka saya, menerka dan memastikan.

“Official one? Like, seriously?” Cyrus memicing tak percaya.

Keith mengangguk. “Correct. And correct. Any further question will be sorted right into trash-bin. Shall we eat now?”

Can’t. Details required. This is the first time I meet u since last month. Where have you been?”

“You guys, please behave, he’s watching us.” Bisiknya. Tak lama kemudian Ken mengantar sendiri satu set large variety sashimi.

Ada semacam jarak dan sunyi ketika adegan barusan terjadi. Ken tersenyum canggung, mengangguk sebentar sambil kemudian pamit kembali ke pantry. “Itadakimasu.”

“Since when bear guy being the most desirable latest spring accessories?” sambar saya sambil tersenyum lebar.

“He more looks like Mighty Joe Young rather than Paddington Bear. Or a club bouncer.” Sindir Cyrus.

“Your guy is every gay’s dream! Solid body, cute accent, tanned skin. I approve! Be happy my Keith!” We almost hug.

Keith mengunyah suapan pertamanya. “Oh Chris, belum aku cerita soal sex ya. Oh gosh, the best in my life! For your ears only, guys, I do bareback with him.”

“Whoaa awesome! So you can get herpes the next time you dial me. Did you mistake his penis for his face again?” sindir Cyrus yang kedua.

Kami terdiam semua. Keith berdiri tegas. “This is my gathering and my treat-night. And if you’re going to ruin mine, you better get the hell out.”

I was stoned. This is going to be a war. I better chop another slice and sit pretty. 

“Do you know why I hate it? Kamu udah jarang ngumpul, kuliah juga bolos terus, konsultasi skripsi juga gak datang. I feel like fisting your boyfriend’s head for bring out the worst of you! You say relationship? Well, u don’t need one! Cause you! Are! Getting worse! Every time you’re attached with a guy! And bareback sex? Really? Screw you for being such a priest about safe sex to us all this time!”

“Out! I don’t need your approval!” Mata Keith meradang.
Yes. This is the first war. And I have a feeling this is gonna be long and cold one.

Big Heart.

Ken mengelap sisa busa pasta gigi di pipi Keith sambil kemudian menciumnya. “Cheer up my bunny… You know I won’t let you go.”

“Look at us, are you enjoying the view?” tatapnya di kaca.

“I see a Perfection. Just like what I’ve been dreaming. Hugging a boy that I love with all my heart, every single night.” Ken tersenyum lebar. It’s easy to see that he’s saying the truth.

Pelukan Ken makin erat. “We are the definition of perfect couple. We’re just not in perfect situation.” Batin Keith, mematut kaca lama. Capturing this kinda moment.

“I want to stay like this… Forever.” Ken tak menyahut kali ini.

“Can you promise that to me, Ken-Bear?”
Ken menunduk, menyandarkan dagunya pada bahu Keith. “I’m tired… Can we sleep now?”

Bagi Keith, malam selalu berlalu lambat di kamar Ken. Keith terjaga dengan menikmati setiap detiknya memandangi Ken yang mendengkur. Ada kala kadang Ken mengigau marah dalam bahasa tanah airnya, Keith hanya perlu menepuk pipinya perlahan dan semua seakan membaik.

Tepat jam dua pagi dan ponselnya berbunyi pelan. “I’m such a bad bitch. I apologize. I don’t want to be judge or God. I just want to be your best-friend.”

“Call me in a minute, bad bitch.” ketiknya membalas.

Keith sudah dibalkon dengan sleeveless-tee Ken yang kedodoran di tubuhnya. “This is good bitch talking. Kenapa bad-bitch?”

“Hm... I know that anger tone. I apologize, Keith. I just miss u, I guess… Jadinya begini deh.”

“Missing me?”

“Ingat janji kita bakal wisuda barengan? Dan lainnya?”

Keith duduk bersandar pada teralis balkon. “I’m afraid that’s not gonna happen.”

“See… Kuliah aja sekarang kamu jarang. Bimbingan skripsi juga skip melulu. Ok sorry for the judge, can’t hold it. But why? Why?”

“Cuz I have decided.”

“Decided what?” pekik Cyrus diujung sana.

“To spend the next six months with Ken. Before he leaves for good to Japan.”

“He’s only in Indonesia for six months? That’s the point! He’s leaving!”

“You really need combo jab on your both eyes, don’t you?”

“Oops sorry again. I didn’t mean it. Ayolah Keith… Ga bisa disambi skripsinya? Aku bantu deh ngetik semuanya, kamu tinggal kasih konsep. Mumpung belum telat.”

“Wow! I will forgive you if you’re willing to do that…”

“Damn my big mouth. But yeah, I will. I really care about you. You and Chris are the only true friends I have. If I have to eat horse shit to save this friendship, I would.”

“Hmm… Menarik…”

“No way !! Not a chance in hell !” umpat Cyrus.

Pertanyaan itu keluar juga. “Keith, kalo boleh nanya… Why him? Why Ken?”

“Everybody loves big dick. But I love big heart.”

Keith melanjutkan kalimatnya. “I just dropped one or two tears here, but Cyrus I swear, he’s a good-sincere guy. He’s caring, he’s making me happy and he fulfills my fantasy. He’s everything. ”

“If you said so… Then you have my bless.” Suara Cyrus terdengar penuh haru diujung sana.

“Thanks for opening your heart for us.”

Cyrus melembut. “That’s the least I can do. Be happy my pal. Be happy.”

“Besok bimbingan skripsi jam berapa? I’ll be there.”

“Abis lunch kita jemput yah.”

“Bye for now. Thanks for all.”

Heart of the matter.

“Good morning, Bunny.” Kecup Ken lembut. Membangunkan Keith seketika.

“I smell a mango-pancake.”

“I made double, as usual.”

“You’re so thoughtful.”

Ken membopong tubuh Keith dan mendudukannya di meja makan. “Before you eat, I have something for you to be remembered.”

Mereka berhadapan. Ken memandu kedua tangan Keith, meletakkan tangan kiri Keith pada pelipis kanan kepalanya, kemudian tangan kanan Keith di dadanya. “Let this be our magic spell : Here I am, Bunny. I’m in your head. I’m in your heart.”

Belum pernah Keith tersenyum selebar itu sebelumnya. Wajahnya sumringah, ganti mengulang gerakan Ken barusan pada dirinya. “Here I am Ken-Bear. I’m in your head. I’m in your heart.”

“I love you.”

“I know. I love you more.” Bisik Ken.

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Chapter 66 : Touch of Midas

The Golden Boy.
Drew’s rolling up his long sleeve, “I’m a fighter. I believe in the eye for an eye business. You kill my cat, you better hide your dog.”
“You know I can’t write that on your story, don’t you?” Cyrus melenguh capek, sekali lagi.
“Well, lompat kelas dua kali, runner up olimpiade fisika tahun lalu, dan endingnya mau bikin aliansi charity? I almost think that you’re a total scientist material.” Drew diam saja.
“You know the fact that our ‘protégé’ pages are made for bright-rising youngster, who most of them are ended up in high socialite circle. If you are willing to be the one, Andrew, stop talking like provocative ghetto wannabe and start to talk inspiring words. And oh, stop striking pose like a porn star. Give me young Einstein, superior look.”
Drew menaikkan rahangnya tinggi. “Don’t you see what I’ve been doing?”
“From neck down, pretty boy, you’re questionable.” Rutuknya dalam hati. I’d kill Damon for this. Sabtu sore terkurung bareng spoiled brat kelakuan anak kucing yang berpura-pura jadi singa. He should be here by now!
“Hei! Wear this Varvatos’ coat, not that stimulating trunk! You’d be on Christmas issue, not hot summer issue. The photographer will direct you in five. You’d better be nice.” Cyrus menyimpulkan tali jubah Drew dengan kesal.
“Don’t take all day, young man.” Sapa satu sosok yang masuk dalam ruang.
Nafas Cyrus tertahan. “O, heaven be thanked! Sigh!”
Drew segera merapat ke sosok barusan. Bagai anak itik yang akhirnya menemukan induknya. “Outstanding, Joey?”
Joey tersenyum kecil, “The photos will tell. Now be ready for the cover photo shoot, my dear protégé.”
Cyrus merapatkan kedua telapak tangannya, bersiap untuk aksi selanjutnya. “I should have known…” senyumnya sinis pada Joey.
“What on earth are you doing here?” tambahnya.
“As you can see. I’m busy setting standard of my sidekick to be heavenly dazzling.” Balasnya santai.
“For your ears only, old pal… Your so-called-sidekick represents a hell for the interview. For you, Queeny, this is just another trainee boy. For me, this is LIFE!”
“I’m taking charge from here. You may leave.” Putus Joey ringan.

The Ugly Duckling.
“Everybody knows the story; swan’s egg ended up in duck's nest, then newborn swan hatched and think he's ugly since he's different from his siblings. Then he was cast off during winter, got depressed, sad, lonely, then he saw marvelous swans in spring, wish he could be like them, then Voila! He saw his mirror image in the water and he's a swan too!” Ketik cepat Joey pada desktop Cyrus.
“Bisa dicari korelasinya?” Sejam lalu Cyrus buntu soal cover story Andrew, but when Joey takes part, he got to admit everything gone easier.
“Andrew was one ugly duckling, frankly. One hell of fat geek with lack of confidence and greasy hair. One day after he’s turning seventeen, he came to me asking for guidance. I won’t help at first, but after knowing that he’s a product of school-bully, I can’t say no.”
Cyrus terhenyak. “Go on...”
“It was Tuesday, when I planned to picked him up from school. But he never appears. Ternyata hari itu dia jatuh dari tangga sekolahnya. Detailnya gimana, nobody knows. Bahkan Andrew. All he knows, he was pushed by a group of people from behind, then he blacked out.”
“Nature can be cruel. Predators are everywhere.” Cyrus sejenak memandang Andrew ditepi sana, berpose dengan begitu memukaunya didepan cermin ruang ganti.
“Sebulan dia dirawat inap dirumah sakit. Losing almost thirty-pounds of his weight. Then I’m starting to polish him. Choosing S size over M size for all of his clothes, cut his mega-failed Korean-wannabe bangs off and style him like River Viiperi.”
“Ahh… No wonder he looks like River so much. Aku kira cuma dikepalaku aja yang bilang begitu.”
“A little touch of Midas’ hand has transformed a rubbish into gold bars.”
“Let’s not put Andrew’s gloomy past story, shall we? Just focusing to set him as the rising talented youngster. Being successful is the best revenge.” Sambung Joey.
Cyrus mengangguk. “I’ll think of something. Damon will love this story for sure.”
“Speaking of which... Are you into Damon?” Joey berdiri mengambil briefcase-nya.
“Are we talking about the same Damon? My Boss-Damon?”
“Damon Thamrin. The ABCDE. Asshole. Bisexual. Champion. Dangerous. ‘Enormous’. Damon who sips whiskey on rocks after great sex.”
“So you guys were…having…se…”
“Don’t speculate anything!” Putusnya kilat sambil meninggalkan ruangan.
Damon menyambut pelukan Joey riang. “Everything’s okay, my Joey?”
“All set. Cuma tinggal nunggu photographernya aja datang. Can’t thank you enough.”
“Likewise. I’m blissful to help the former protégé. Like you said, devil gotta do what devil gotta do.”
Mereka duduk berhadapan. “So tell me Damon, how are things with Cyrus?”
“What things?”
“I don’t have to be a rocket scientist like Drew to know that you’re into Cyrus.”
Damon tertegun. “You’re not mad aren’t you?”
“Dari tujuh tahun yang lalu udah keliatan, kok… You constantly sneak a look from across the house observing Cyrus at my house, like a Peeping-Tom. So there’s no reason for me to be mad. I’m happy though.”
“You are full of incorrect assumption, aren’t you…”
Mata mereka mengamati adegan menarik barusan, seorang pria menjulang dengan penampilan atraktif barusan masuk studio. “Sorry for being late, my sister's boyfriend's sister’s mom’s cat broke her leg.” Sapanya pada Cyrus.
“You only got one hour left.” Sinisnya, tak menertawakan yang barusan Tobias lontarkan.
“Joey dimana ya? He signed me in for this job.”
“Di ruangan sebelah, bentar lagi juga keluar. You better preparing your stuff now, the model is already posing.”
“I thought you are the model.”
Cyrus menyipitkan matanya sinis, lagi. “First of all, I look all professional, not dressing up like one of those fancy boy. And second of all, was that your best pick-up line?”
“Easy handsome, I was just being extra nice to someone who is extra attractive.”
“All I need is stronger painkiller, try harder next round.”

The Risky Business
“That’s Tobias, I hired him for this job. Is that okay?”
Damon melipat tangan, tak berpaling dari jendela. “Is this one of your plot? It’s not in our scheme.”
Joey menggeleng. “Hard to tell. Coba fokus ke hal lain. Gak bisa lihat tuh, dia mulai godain Cyrus...”
“Then? Should I fight for Cyrus over him? Forget it, Joey. I’m not living based on romance book.”
“That’s not for me to decide, Cousin.”
“Hahaha. You’re one hell of a clown, Toby!” Cyrus menepuk bahu Tobias.
“Nah kan, ‘your mama’ jokes never failed to break the ice.”
“Sorry for being so cynical back then. You did amazing job, by the way. I’m impressed.”
“Thanks to your model, my camera loves him.”
Cyrus mengepak tripod, membantu Toby berkemas. “Oh trust me, he was a total bitch when it was just me in the room.”
“Langsung pulang?”
“Mau laporan ke boss besar duluan. Kamu?”
“Tergantung. If you’re going to say yes, I’ll stay. If you’re saying no, I’ll leave.”
“Ehh?” dengusnya tak mengerti.
“I was asking you to go to dinner together, Cyrus.” Tawa Cyrus seketika meledak, baru kali ini dia tak bisa menerka maksud seseorang. Hectic does kill some senses.
Tak butuh waktu lama untuk memutuskan. Pemandangan Joey memeluk Damon diujung sana membuat Cyrus kontan menyambar tas kerjanya. “In the mood for spicy food?” ajaknya sambil meninggalkan ruangan bersama Toby.
“You okay, Damon?” tanyanya dalam lift menuju bawah.
Damon melonggarkan kerahnya. “Nothing. I just need some drinks.”
“Never let others see you sweat, that’s the first rule in our big family. Be like a duck, calm on top but paddling like hell underneath.”
“Do you see what I see?” konfirmnya pada Joey, setelah melihat Tobias mencium Cyrus diparkiran bawah.
Joey menaikkan alisnya, menjawabnya singkat. “Good news : he likes you. Bad news : not only you, cousin.”


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Chapter 65 : From Coffee to Love

Summer Heat.
Here we are again, queuing at Deja-Brew. Bara sudah menyambut dengan senyum kecil disudut sana. “Hey, as usual?” tanyanya. Kami mengangguk.
“Kecuali aku yah. I need anything on iced and espresso. Damon being such an ass today.” Bara memainkan matanya sebentar. “Would Iced Vanilla Latte heal it?”
Cyrus mengangkat alisnya “Then Iced Vanilla Latte it is. Double syrup please.”
Saya jadi ingat pertama kali Bara menyapa kami. “It’s Barry actually. People call me ‘Beri’ instead of Bah-ri. Jadi daripada digodain orang : Dear Beri, elu kaya buah stroBERI. Call me Bara, The best skilled barista in town.”
Deal. Dengan catatan Bara bakal mengingat favorite kami : Keith, anything decaf, hot preferably. Me, anything frappe, and coconut frappe if I come with sad face.
“Eh my shift will end soon, may I join you guys?” SURE Bara, sure!
Pria jangkung berwajah oriental didepannya sedikit membingungkan Bara malam itu. “I would like to have Caffe Macchiato with extra hazelnut syrup and rich caramel sauce. Add little bit of mint essence. For the milk, I want it soy-milk. And… Top it with distinctive pattern. Most of all, I want it sweet, buttery and intense.”
Bara kagok. Antara terpana dengan sosok didepannya dan tahu pesanan barusan bakal susah dibuatnya. “Here’s your order.”
He sips it slowly in front of Bara. “Too sweet, not buttery, and no intense at all. But yeah it’s okay. I’ll be back tomorrow. I don’t see any coffee shop around, anyway. Hope u make better one tomorrow. Thanks Ba…Rah.” Ejanya sambil melirik name-tag Bara.
Bara membenarkan posisi duduknya. “Dan dia beneran balik. Seminggu berturut-turut gua salah terus!”
“Maybe he’s just being an ass… Your creations are full of flavor, Bara.”
“But this guy… I simply can’t read him.”
“Hey, haven’t seen you around for a while.” Sapa Bara dengan wajah menyala.
“Hey Ba-Rah. I forgot to tell you that I got back to Vietnam for a week.”
“Ahh… That just explained where you got that exotic face from. Vietnam, always want to go there. Just someday…”
Dia tersenyum. “Then let me know when you get there.”
“It will take a bit longer than usual. Some girls just ordered half dozen of skinny latte. I will call out your name while you sit. Is that okay?”
“Xuan. With ‘X’ on it.” Ejanya sambil mengangguk.
“Shwan…” rapal Bara balik.
“It means summer, Ba-Rah”
“Cut the ‘H’. Ba-Ra. It means Heat.”

TrueTea over coffee.
Xuan merapatkan jaketnya. “This city! So damn cold after eleven p.m! I hate it here.”
Bara tergelak pelan. “Ah that’s why you always want your Machiatto extra hot.”
“You read me well. I’m a pedestrian who enjoys walking and sipping my coffee at the same time. Not to mention it needs twenty minutes walk to get to my loft. And Bara, thanks for accompanying me.”
Bara memutuskan untuk menemani Xuan pulang malam itu. “No sweat. My house is just ten minutes away from your place.”
“This Machiatto is getting better. Still too sweet, less buttery and… oh crap it’s too strong! You’re going to make me stay up all night.”
Bara frustasi dan merasa gagal sekali lagi. “I’ll make it less strong next round.”
Xuan menggidikkan alis tebalnya. Terlihat tampan dan teduh bagi Bara. “It’s okay Bara. I like my coffee like my men. Hot, strong, steamy.”
Sinyal barusan ditangkap Bara dengan cepat. “Just like you.”
Itulah dua puluh menit tercepat dalam hidup Bara. Dua-puluh menit yang ingin diikatnya dalam beku. “Would it be polite if I ask you to go upstairs?” tanya Xuan.
“Umm… I don’t mind. But what’s the occasion?”
“Just want to show my first friend in town what my company-rented-flat looks like. Besides, I just bought this local cigarette. Want to share it with you.”
Bara terbuai. “Coffee and cigarette. That’s one of my weakness.”
Here I am, in your ridiculously overpriced-small rented room and we laid down on your bed and talking some more. We seemed to have so much in common : same age, same height, we both looked tanned and we had the same army cut. You said you would like to have Macchiato every single night, and I offered u to delivery it by myself right to your door. You were smiling in shy, and I mesmerized. “You sound like a milk-man.”
“It’s way more exclusive. I deliver coffee and you’re the only client.”
Then our hands touched. As I touched your chin, I told you many times that you’re so my type : raw, strong, sweet and dark. “Just like Hot chocolate.”
“I don’t understand you. A barista, but not drinking coffee? It’s like sex without sex.”
I still hypnotized. I touched your nipples through the thin fabric of your shirt. You took off your shirt after a second I removed mine. Then I kissed your lips. I can’t hold it anymore.
“Bara… I can’t.” suddenly you moved away.
“I want to stay faithful to my monogamous relationship. Yes I have a boyfriend in hometown.” There it is. He dropped the BOMB.
I’m stoned. “Well, it could just be a one night stand.”
“Do you promise not to tell anyone, Bara?” once again, he’s tempted and hypnotized.
“Who can I tell it to?” I don’t know how you’re already on top of my body.
Right before I could take another step towards, you suddenly asked me to put back on my shirt and chased me out of your room.
Now I wonder : was I the devil who had tried to tempt you from being faithful? Did you set up the whole scene, inviting me to your room, doing this adultery thing, so you could later call your boyfriend and prove to him that you had stayed faithful?

Goodbye Summer.
“Don’t. Ever. Blame. Yourself.” Rutuk Keith.
“What can I say. Shit happens. He never appeared any longer. He was like a decaf coffee : dangerous to dilute my caffeine stream.”
“Well, its his loss. Bayangin aja betapa kesiksanya dia ga minum coffee sebulan lebih gara-gara takut balik kesini. I don’t know how people live without coffee, I really don’t.” saya jadi ikut gemas.
Five nights later, Xuan appears. “How’s everything?”
“Not too good. Still not too good. My head’s keep re-projecting every scenes from that night.”
“Bara… I came here to say sorry… and you don’t need to deliver free macchiato every night in front of my door any longer.”
Then he dropped the last bomb. “I head back to Vietnam tomorrow morning. For good.”
Ada semacam selongsong dosis caffeine berlebih yang menderasi seluruh nadi Bara. “Just wait here. I’ll be with you in five minutes.”
The streets are dry. But still, you wore that leather jacket. “Bara, this is the finest Macchiato I ever tasted!”
“Wow, finally. There’s no hocus pocus here. I just added extra sweetened milk.”
“And I named it Summer Macchiato.” I added.
“Bara, sorry for what happened…” Xuan takes another sip and stares at me with those teary eyes.
“It is okay.”
“Show me that you are okay…”
I widely smile at him. He smiles again. We sit quietly at the bench near the park and sipping our different favorite drink.
“Will you be back here?”
“I don’t think so. My business is done here.”
“But I like this city. The atmosphere is great but not warm and not heat enough for me.”
“Heat sits beside you.” I correct him.
I looked at his laugh-line. God must be in a great mood when He creates Xuan. “Hahaha. The milky moustache that clings to your upper lip is proof that I made your coffee right.”
Xuan laughed back at me. “Now I look silly beside the skilled barista who pour foamed milk over my macchiato.”
“Yes. And my I say, you wear it well.”
I accidentally yawn. “Sorry it’s been a long night.”
“I’d like to stay in touch with you, Bara.” He says, and smiles again.
I smile back. “You know where to find me.”
“It’s going to rain. First rain for this year. You better run cuz drizzles starts pouring down.”
“Goodbye Bara.”
“Goodbye Summer.”
And we walked to the different streets. Not looking back. Before our hearts decided to start to love again.


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Chapter 64 : Identity

Online Identity.
“Star light, Star bright.. Where the hell is my Mr.Right?”
Keith? Do you really use that headline on your Grindr profile? – tanya Cyrus sambil melongo memandangi foto- semi nakednya di deretan grindrnya. “Sooo mismatching!”

“You know me… Shy in real life, but a bitch on internet...” Phuihh!

“You’re looking for the right guy? They always look right at the start.” Saya ikut melongo.

“You want to find a right guy by putting those stimulating picture? This picture is more like : do me do me right now, Mr.RightNow!” tambah Cyrus.

Keith tak peduli. “Bukan gue banget kalo elu suruh gua pasang foto formal pake baju komplit demi nemu pria baik-baik. Screw it. I’m doing it my way…! Provocative it is.”

“See this guy with graceful picture? Adorable effortless smile, charming pompadour sleek hair, and a bit of mysterious glance? Now I feel like saying hi to him. Not you.” saya jadi salah fokus.

“These guysss, they think they’re too mysterious. But most of them are really transparent. They’re all bitches in real life. And that guy, Chris, I fucked him. His first line was : Your place or mine?” Checkmate. Saya batal ngetik.

One message received :
Hi there GymBunny89, you are so my type. Would like to know you more.
Kami bertiga melongo. “Would like to know me more? Did he mean my size, my fave pose, and do I prefer bareback or…”

“He means your identity, airhead.” Bungkam saya.

“Hasn’t he read my online identity yet?”

“Your. Real. Identity. Keith. Not this fake-ish online identity.” Keith nyengir.

One message sent :
Hi LonerGun!! You are so my type as well. Call me Bunny, 22 years-old, live in the same city as yours. I only see ur biceps pic here, it will be fair if you send some of your face pics.
 Will you?
One message received :
I can’t tell u much about myself for now. Care to have chat via ym?

Two hours later, Keith hooked to his phone. Leaving his Americano and hot bun cold.
“This is suck, Chris. Berjam-jam gua berusaha ngumpulin semua picisan tentang dia. Foto muka satu aja kaga dikasi, foto petunjuk melulu. This is why I hate puzzle.”

“What you got?”

This mighty-biceps-guy only gave me three pictures. His smile, his stocky solid chest, and his muscular legs. “Lu nyadar ga background foto dia itu di gym semua? Bukannya itu di gym elu?”

Kami bengong. “Whoops... He knew you…”
LonerGun : I love it when you moaning on bench press section. I love the way you sweating. And my eyes just can’t stop starring at you.

Kami bengong. “Whoops... He knew you…”
GymBunny89 : Aww thanks. Seriously, I'd like to know who you are. For million times, please give me more clues. And photos! Pleaseee. : ( Or we could just meet now! We’re like 5 miles away, anyway. Com’on!
LonerGun : Bunny… I can’t. I’m afraid u will not like me. You… weren’t even smiling back at me. And your eyes are only into lean-muscle guys, as I watched.

Cyrus melirik dalam : “Sukurinnn…”
GymBunny89 : Nooo! I’m into any type! Ughh!

Cyrus melirik lagi. “Really? Why don’t you do quickie that bookworm guy on the corner?”
LonerGun : Okay, I will try to be fair. I’ll give you one clue everyday. Is that okay, Bunny?
GymBunny89 : Yes please! Thanks. Hugs!

“He may have no identity, but he does have wonderful teeth…and chest!” Oh my… I recognize this kind of voice. Someone’s gonna fall.

Secret Identity.

“Any luck?” tanya saya di hari ketiga.

“Selain : jarak kita yang konstan 5 miles aja menurut Grindr?” saya mengangguk.

“He lives on west-side alone. He’s a newcomer in this country, that’s why dia engga bisa ngomong bahasa kita.”

“Another one?”

“He’s been watching me for two months, and I had no idea! One more : he just shaved his goatee this morning cuz his boss hated it. Engga sengaja tadi dia bilang gitu.”

“That’s all? Geez.” Rutuk saya sambil mengamati lagi foto-fotonya.

“Pernah kepikiran ga buat jagain gym seharian buat ngamatin member satu-persatu?”

“Horrible plan, Chris…”

“I know. Thanks God you don’t even consider it.”

“No. No luck. Still clueless.” Tukasnya ketika saya melintas masuk. Padahal baru buka mulut mau nanya.

“It’s the sixth day.”

“Yeah… And seventh would be the end of wondering.”

“Gua ga ngerti yah, kenapa sih takut amat ketauan aslinya. He’s hot! I’m sure of that!” 
rutuknya lagi.

“Okay, what if... those identity are all fake?”

“I’ll accept the way he is. Nothing of me is original anyway, I am the combined effort of everyone I’ve ever known. No one can keep up sugarcoating me, but he did.”

Saya hapal deh ini nada. “Keith… Don’t tell me you’re falling to a person that you haven’t even met yet.”

Keith diam. “Spill it. Its not like I’m gonna judge you, lahh.”

“Okay. Fine. Yes. Well. I like him! It started with butterflies on my tummy and finished with bee stings on my heart!” mukanya langsung resah.

“Screw butterflies! When I think of him, I get elepants on steroids running in my stomach. Ouch!” lanjutnya tanpa jeda.

“You can let it go… You always have two choices.”

“Tomorrow. 20 hours to go.” Wink.

Real Identity.

“Dear YOU. This is the seventh day, and I no longer big fans of this clue-game. Wondering isn’t my hobby. And Yes, by writing this, what I’m trying to say is : I QUIT. Hope you find a good partner for this identity game. Hugs. Keith. (Oh btw, this is my real name. At least I’m being real).” Sent. Without a doubt.

Three hours later, Keith seems like back to his routine. Sipping his hot coffee less than 30 minutes, tweeting like there’s no tomorrow, “And no more Grindr?” tanya Cyrus tak percaya. Profil Keith sudah melompong. Tanpa foto, hanya identitas.

“It’s over… Call me silly, but I did really like him.” Aww…

“Nooo hug, and stop staring at me with that pity look. I’m fine.” Geez! He reads us!
And there were we. Stuck in a moment.

“Hey Keith? Feel like join combat at five?” tanya Bob, another gym-bunny.
Keith menggeleng. “Too tired. I’ll go to sauna. Joining the old guy.”

“Keith! Yuk Arnold-Press barengan.” Now Hank, another lean-muscle guy.

Bleh, boring. “Nahh… Next round ya, pusing. Mau sauna aja.”

“Oh hi… Sendiri?” sapanya pada gym-member yang duduk diruangan sauna. 
Pria itu mengangguk. “Oh. Yap.”

“Sorry before but I’m gonna cover my face with this towel. Forgive my manner. I had a bad day.” Ijinnya sambil kemudian duduk dan menaruh handuk basah kecil menutupi mukanya.

“Bad day? Feel free to share?” tanyanya.
Keith menjawabnya sambil ogah-ogahan. “You know… I met this guy, and turns out he didn’t feel the same. I guess…”

“What’s wrong? You’re cute and desirable.”

“He never showed up. For a week, I had been wondering what he looks like. It’s not that 
I’m curious. But I need to put an image to a guy who I like, right?”

“So you like... HIM?” tanyanya, menekan pada kata terakhir.

“Oops sorry. I hope you’re not homophobe.” Keith panik sebentar sambil membuka handuknya. “But yes, I did like him.”
Pria bertubuh kekar besar itu menggeleng. “I’m okay with gay guys. Tell me more.”
Dua puluh menit, Keith menumpahkan semua keluh kesahnya pada total stranger ini. “So why do u think he never reveals his real identity? Was he never into me? Was he just playing me? Or what? Arghh I’m mad!”

“What if… He’s just afraid.”

“Afraid of whattt?” Keith baru saja menumpahkan dua gayung air ke heater saking kesalnya.
Pria itu sampai mengerang kepanasan.

“Afraid of what? Me?” Keith hampir mewek.

“Nooo. Not you! Arghhh dammit maybe he’s just afraid to show up cuz he’s a bear!” keringatnya mengucur deras.

“Whaaat isss theee proooblem withhh bears?! I’m not that judgementaal arghhh!” Umpatnya kesal. Tak terima. Sambil menuangkan segayung air ke heater.

“Maybe he’s afraid. I don’t know, ask yourself! Do u like bear?”
Keith memutar matanya berpikir. “Hmm… Stocky bear? Totally! To be honest, your stocky body is a perfect example. Huge shoulder, solid chest, regular abs-not sixpacks but strong and stiff, a bit hairy on chest.”

“Really?” dia melongo.

“Yea. Too bad you’re straight. Arghh I’m still mad of him!” Keith menyambar gayung itu, bersiap menambah air ke heater.

“Bunny, no! I could get killed! It’s too hot already.”
Keith mangap besar. “Bunny? Loner...Gun…?!!"

“Wow, he did really make you mad, didn’t he.” Kulitnya meradang merah.

Keith cries. Oh my! Keith Cries! “How dare you!”

“Bunny, forgive me. I was just too afraid. This city and the people are the whole new environment for me. But I do like you.” Peluknya erat sambil menenangkan.

They wore nothing but towel wrapped around the belly. When we’re barely naked, is identity still needed? Keith feels frozen in time.

“Bunny… You towel is fell-off.” Dia menunduk, mengambil handuk Keith. “Wow you got hard on…”

“Crappp…” Ucapnya pelan dan malu sambil menutup mukanya.
Pria itu memeluknya lagi. “I’m sorry, okay? Give me one more chance, and I will tell you all.”

Keith mengangguk pelan. “It’s forgiven. Don’t do that again, kay?”

“I promise… My name is Kenichi Ryota. People call me Ken. Call me whatever fits you. I’m a chef. And I like you since the first time I saw you.” Ken melilitkan handuk itu kencang pada pinggang Keith.

“I’m Keith Wang. College student. I’ll be your favorite hello and your hardest goodbye.”
Ken tertawa sebelum akhirnya mencium pipi Keith. “Naughty Bunny.”

“For a second I thought you were going to do me… I don’t mind anyway.” Bisik Keith malu-malu, namun Ken menggeleng.

“You said you were looking for the Mr.Right…?” Keith mengangguk.

“…then I will use my second chance the right way.”

“As in…?”

“You jump to the shower now, get your clothes on and I will cook for you at my place.”

“Thanks for being real, Ken-Bear.”

“I love that name.”

“You better so.”